A. Panda’s Space-Age Bachelor Pad


As I sit here on a lazy Sunday morning, jamming to this playlist yet again, I realize I’ve been listening to it quite a bit since I created it a couple of months ago. That’s because it’s good. Really good. I believe it’s one of the best compilations I’ve put together over the 10+ years I’ve been making them.

A. Panda’s Space-Age Bachelor Pad is a tribute to the style of music made popular in the 1950s-60s by Juan Garcia Esquivel, the king of the genre. but this is a living tribute: I’ve thrown together an eclectic mix of artists and songs from the 21st Century as well as the Mid-Century period. With some folks in between. While some of these selections may not fit in on the surface, in my mind they all occupy this space because they embody the moods of adventure, mystery, and romance. Just close your eyes and picture yourself there. Aloha!


Listen to this playlist here: