The Moon Belongs to Everyone


I love the moon. There’s a feeling I get when I walk out on a clear night and bathe in the rays of a brilliant full moon. Or a cloudy night, when the moonlight peeks through the clouds to say hello. That feeling is one of calm. Energy. Euphoria. Peace.

I’ve noticed a trend in some of the art I’ve collected from Tiki artists over the years. They include images of the moon. Some haunting, some brilliant, some omnipresent. All of these works of art speak to me on another level, besides just Tiki statues and torches.

THE RAFT OF MEDUSA, Josh Agle, 2006

The first is a print by my favorite artist, SHAG. His art is crisp and colorful, and the use of the primary color blends (purple, orange, green) gives this art a nighttime feel with some bright shots of color as accents. The moon peeking out from behind a neighbouring island isn’t central to the story, but it gives the scene an ominous glow from the background by outlining many of the foreground shapes in blue. Well done, Josh Agle.

TIKI MOON, Robert Jímenez, 2013

The second is a print on a metal sign by Robert Jímenez. I love the orange and green colors playing together, and the moon rising over a lagoon is a common theme in these Tiki art prints. The statue’s face appears to be in awe of the full moon over its shoulder, burning through a cloudy sky. Or maybe in fear. I wonder what the artist intended here? Spill it, Robert!

As an added bonus, I used this art as the album cover for a compilation CD I gave the same title as this post. I began the disc with Robert Morse’s rendition of the classic tune, The Best Things In Life Are Free, as seen in a great episode of Mad Men. You can listen to this music on my 8tracks station here:

LAGOONSCAPE, Dawn Frasier, 2017

The third is a panoramic print by Dawn Frasier from Seattle. This wide work of art features Dawn’s use of the Phthalocyanine blue and green palette, an awesome color combo that creates a deep, dark yet vibrant moonlit scene. I love the wide net that Dawn casts with this seemingly simple scheme. Tikis, torches, trees and mountains are all enthralled by the full moon casting its omnipresent shadow of light over the darkness. You make me feel right at home in your art, Dawn. Thank you.

PANDA’S ZEN, Mark Thompson, 2021

The fourth and final piece of art is an original painting by the Midwest’s Mark Thompson. I fell in love with this work from the time I saw Mark’s progress posts on Facebook, and I convinced him to make it for me. With a slight personalisation: a fez-wearing panda. This is on brand for me! Unlike the first three prints, this art features a bright yellow full moon that seems to set the lagoon on fire. Or is that the smouldering volcano? The Tiki torches? Either way, this art is vibrant with color lighting up the night. Mahalo, Mark, for making it mine.

So there you have it. The moon belongs to everyone, but I have harnessed it here in the Tiki Lounge, with the help of some amazing artists. Inside or outside, I derive a lot of energy from the moon. This makes me happy.

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