Album Cover Art By My Favorite Artists


I’ve been posting daily in my newer blog, Panda’s Tiki Today, for over two months now. There I’ve been showcasing Tiki items I own in the following pattern: mugs, art, books, music, décor, and drinks. While featuring some of the Tiki music I listen to, I’ve noticed something. Worlds colliding.

Many of the Tiki music albums I have feature cover art by my favorite artists. These include SHAG, Derek Yaniger, Mookie Sato, and Mark Thompson. I’ve taken to mounting some of these CDs on the walls of my Tiki Lounge, usually adjacent to the larger artwork by these amazing artists. I found these clear plastic mounts that do the job nicely and unobtrusively, making it appear like these discs are just floating on the wall.

Since a picture’s worth 1,000 words, I’ll stop talking and start showing you these wonderful mini art pieces now.

Ursula 1000, Kinda’ Kinky, art by SHAG
Various artists, Pink Panther’s Penthouse Party, art by SHAG
Martini Kings, Palm Springs Serenade, art by SHAG
Martini Kings, Weekend in Palm Springs, art by Derek Yaniger
Brian Setzer Orchestra, Rockin’ Rudolph, art by Derek Yaniger
Clouseaux, Snappy 45 Set, art by Derek Yaniger
Sweet Hollywaiians, Ticklin’ The Strings, art by Mookie Sato
The Breakers, Torch Light, art by Mark Thompson

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