WDW Polynesian Village Day 4


Today we spent the entire day at Animal Kingdom, including dinner at Sanaa, the restaurant at the Kidani Village (DVC) section of the Animal Kingdom Lodge. I would highly recommend this place to anybody! We went there mainly for my mother-in-law Phyllis (yes she comes with us to WDW and she’s wonderful!), so she could watch giraffes out the window as we dined. Phyllis loves giraffes. The food was African-Indian fusion, and anybody who knows me knows I hate Indian food, but I was feeling adventurous tonight and tried some new things, and I was pleasantly surprised. The food at Sanaa was fantastic! We will be back.

Anyway, I bring up Kidani Village as an example of a Disney DVC resort done right. They were so true to the Animal Kingdom theme that it really feels like an extension of the park. I’m hopeful the new DVC sections of the Polynesian Village will build upon the legacy of this wonderful resort. I’m cautiously optimistic after seeing the plans for the renovations here at the Polynesian.

Some of those plans are on display on the temporary walls in the Great Ceremonial House. This is a smart use of the otherwise unsightly space created by these walls. Since they block your view of what’s being destroyed from the past, they might as well show you what their removal will reveal in the future. In the case of the central area of the GCH, I like what I see. The grand old waterfall is being replaced by a bright and airy new courtyard, with the Polynesian Village logo rendered as a 3D sculpture prominently featured in the design. I think that will look really cool, and will be a nice tribute to the original logo.

The other renovation I’m excited about is the addition of Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto. This new bar and seating area is going in the northwest corner of the GCH, where the old arcade used to be. You can’t see any of the construction going on, as the door leading out of the west side of the GCH is temporarily closed and the new seating area is behind the outdoor construction fencing. This area feels claustrophobic as you walk through it now, but it should look amazing once it’s finished next Spring. I’ve been to the Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar at Disneyland, and if our version here turns out even half as well, we’re in for a treat!

Tomorrow we return to Ohana for breakfast with Stitch, one of my kids’ highlights of our stay. I will also try to make it to the Tambu Lounge and blog from there tomorrow night. Until then, aloha!


4 thoughts on “WDW Polynesian Village Day 4

  1. Shauna

    Loving your reports- will be at the Poly tomorrow at noon! We travel with my Mom when we bring the kiddos too! This time, just David and I- so… have you heard if the Osborne family lights are a go for this weekend at HS? On the webpage it is scheduled, but… Four years ago we tried to see it around this time but they were having setbacks and it was a no go… hmmm….trying to re-arrange plans if its up- πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Shauna! As of right now, the Osborne lights are on-schedule to open this Friday, 07Nov14. Obviously, this can change. However, we were at Hollywood Studios on Monday and walked down the Streets of America, and all of the lights were already strung up and appeared ready to go. We’re heading back there ourselves on Saturday. I hope you have a great trip!

      • Shauna

        Ooh!! That’s when we are thinking- that would mean giving up our Be Our guest dinner, but we have a lunch there on Thursday… weather for Sunday looks AWFUL 😦 Gotta pack the ponchos!

      • Hey Shauna, how is your visit going? Sunday turned out to be an okay day weather-wise, though we had to be on the Magical Express by 3 so it was bittersweet for us. Did you catch the Osborne lights?

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