WDW Polynesian Village Day 1


So here we are, back in my happy place, 18 months after our last visit. Well, technically, that’s not true. I was here briefly back in January on business, for my company’s annual sales meeting, and although we were put up at The Yacht Club near Epcot, a few colleagues and I snuck away one morning and caught the bus to the TTC and made the short trek to The Polynesian. For breakfast. At Kona Cafe. But I digress.

We had reservations about booking this stay here, because of all of the construction going on. The two longhouses where we’ve stayed in the past, Rapa Nui and Tahiti, are both shut down for renovations, as is half of the Great Ceremonial House, the Volcano Pool, and the main path to the TTC. No matter, I told my wife Jess. I’d still rather stay at a construction zone Polynesian Village than any other resort on WDW property. I think. Over the next 8 days, we will find out!

We arrived today at about 3pm and immediately noticed the construction as we walked into the GCH. The front desk was moved to the left side of the entrance, and the entire center of the building was behind temporary walls. They’re getting rid of my beloved indoor waterfall, but that’s okay, because I’ve seen the plans for the new courtyard and it looks pretty cool. Check-in was pretty smooth, and we’re staying in the Fiji longhouse, which is on the Marina (west) side of the resort. We’ve never stayed on this side, but so far I like it.

The one new part of The Polynesian we sampled today was the Pineapple Lanai, which is the new place to get Dole Whips here. It’s not a big deal, just an outdoor seating area and a walk up counter where the art gallery used to be, but it’s a nice enhancement. They serve you now, instead of the self-serve deal they used to have inside Captain Cook’s, and you can get a Dole Whip float in addition to the Pineapple, Vanilla, and swirled soft-serve. Tasty!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today, as it’s been a long day of traveling. I look forward to sharing more observations of the under-renovation Polynesian Village during our stay, as well as any other vacation nuggets that you may find interesting. Until then, aloha!


12 thoughts on “WDW Polynesian Village Day 1

  1. Thank you for sharing the information. The Polynesian is my family’s favorite too. We don’t want to stay anywhere else. I’m shooting for a return November 2015 so I am very interested to hear about it all! Thanks again, and I hope you have a great time.

  2. Sneakers & Satin

    Yes thank you so much. We will be going to the Poly in Feb so every bit of info we see and hear is always good. Have a wonderful time.

  3. Dennis

    We are headed to the Poly the last week of January. We have a theme park view and have requested a balcony at Tuvalu. We will have a 3-month old infant (along with an 8yr old 4yr old) so we wanted a monorail resort. We chose the Poly over the CR and the GF because its so great for kids. But I am nervous about the construction. I am really looking forward to your posts. I would love to know your feeling about Tuvalu.

    • Dennis, I’ve never stayed at Tuvalu, but given it’s location behind Fiji, I believe your experience should be similar to ours. In fact, Tuvalu is right along the lagoon, so a theme park view should be spectacular! Perhaps some of the construction will be complete in 2 months? Who knows, but we can hope. Thanks for reading my blog. Mahalo!

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