Coming Soon from The Tiki Lounge


So what’s next here in the blog? I’ve decided to take a friend’s advice and put together an editorial calendar. I’ve always just kind of winged it, but since I’ve got a cool stream of consciousness planned, I figured I should write it down and plan a schedule I can live with. Here’s a list of posts that should get me through the summer. Mahalo to all of my followers, and hopefully we’ll attract some new readers to the Tiki Lounge!

A. Panda’s Tiki Blog Editorial Calendar
28Jun14 Intro to Galaxy of Sound
05Jul14 Surf Music
19Jul14 Exotica Music
02Aug14 Lounge Music
16Aug14 Hawaiian Music
30Aug14 Space-Age Bachelor Pad Music
13Sep14 New Compilation: Music of The Hukilau

P.S. – I’m also exploring a podcast for A. Panda’s Tiki Lounge. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon from The Tiki Lounge

    • Thanks Mod B, but you had a part in this. An old friend and trusted writing mentor has been bugging me to do this for months. Then you and I talked about this in our car ride back from The Mai-Kai at The Hukilau. That conversation put me over the top!

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